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Kate Middleton had a certain glow about her Friday morning. The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge attended the unveiling of her first official portrait at the National Portrait Gallery on Jan. 11, accompanied by husband Prince William and her family -- parents Carole and Michael and siblings James and Pippa. "I thought it was brilliant… Amazing… Absolutely brilliant," she told curators of the portrait, created by Glasgow-born, South African-raised artist Paul Emsley. Middleton, 31, and William, 30, spent 10 minutes privately observing the painting before joining Emsley and his wife and daughter for a breakfast reception at the gallery. "It's just amazing, I thought it was brilliant," William said, according to the UK's Telegraph. Emsley, who has previously painted Nelson Mandela, explained that he took a few artistic liberties with the portrait. "I altered the color of the eyes slightly to match the color of the blouse," he said in a video about the making of the portrait. "I'm interested in the landscape of the face … anything else in there is really just an interference."
@ameliasantos10 I agree.. she kinda looks old in the portrait.. just sayin..
this portratit didnt do her justice