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So I was cleaning my bearings for one of my boards when this happened. I popped the shield off (it had waxy residue from speed cream) to clean it, and when I was about to put it back on, the inside of the bearing popped out causing all of the balls to roll on the floor. I've spent over an hour trying to fix it. Is there any hope? Or should I just get a new set?
What kind of bearing is it? There's still hope if its a Bones bearing
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Abec sevens from my penny board @ThtYoungElwoodJ
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Damn, don't know how to do it. But I just picked up some reds and they came with instructions on how to assemble the bearing if that happens
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get new ones. in my experience abec is stock and stock is shitty
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It's super hard and near impossible to put it together so you might as well buy new bearing.
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