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Hairstylist Kayley Melissa partner up with the "100 years of Beauty" series maker, Buzzfeed and create "Wedding Hairstyles: 1960s-Now." Everything looks simple and elegant until you hit the 80s. I screen cap the best expression from each hairstyle to show you what I mean. Perhaps, out of the whole list, 80s was the most eye-catching and funky.
It's not everyone's cup of tea, considering the modern aesthetic is simple, clean and graceful. But I'm utterly in love with the fun hairstyle. This is the type of hairdo you want to go hit the dance floor with. The puffy bang and bouncy curls will surely live the night!
P.S. It was the hairstyle my mom got married in.
See the 6 decades of hair done in 2 Mins by the ever-so-talented Kayley!

Which decade is your favorite?

*i mean the pics for 90s/00s
I love the 1960s!
I wouldn't have realized it till I looked at these pics, but I totalllllly think of 90s/00s as "wedding hair" probably because that's what I saw in movies growing up!!
I'm feelin the 1970s