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So, about a year ago or so I made a Sehun Imagine on an EXO fan page (EXO Forever One) named "White Tulip", and it's this same exact one but I made lots of changes but the plot is the same ^_^ I hope you like this @Emealia Sorry that I changed the plot last minute but this seemed easier for me. (I also used Rap Mon's real name, just FYI) If you wanna request for an Imagine, please comment here >> or feel free to message me.
The bell from a door rang when Namjoon exited the jewelry store. He glanced at the palm-sized box on his hand and took his phone out dialing a number. After a few rings, you answered, "Hello?" Namjoon smiled even if you couldn’t see it yourself. "Hey, since the night is beautiful, how about we meet at Han River?" He was worried as you kept quiet for a while. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to meet up with your boyfriend but it was just too unexpected. "Sure, I missed you anyways.” Namjoon smiled widely and made his way to the floral shop, “Great. Meet you there in a bit.” He ended the call before you could respond. Upon entering the floral shop, the scent of flowers snuggled Namjoon's nose, easing his mind. "May I help you, sir?" The employer asked Namjoon as he shook his head. He wanted to personally pick flowers that describes your persona. That glows the same beauty as you. Namjoon roamed around the shop. Roses would be a good choice but overrated and at the end, it won’t even last a day before it wilts. Tulips are beautiful but they don’t have the glow that you do. He passed by a glassed-box that contained a white orchid. It was perfect! He walked off taking in mind about the orchid when he spotted a bouquet of Gypsophila. He took hold of the bouquet, mesmerized by the cotton-look-a-like flower. He walked towards the cash register, the orchid long gone forgotten.
After paying for the bouquet, he walked straight to Han River with his heart thumping faster than ever before. Smiling, he soon spotted a familiar body frame which caused his heart to skip a beat from excitement. Namjoon was a foot away from the silhouette when he heard sobbing. His heart collapsed. The sobs screamed sorrow which worried Namjoon. He wasn't sure if he should continue on his plan. It hurt him to see someone he loved in such state. But he had to do something since he can’t bear the pain. "Hey..." You turned around as you spotted Namjoon not too far away from you. Shocked, you wiped away your tears and stood up, "Oppa! How long have you been standing there?" You gave him a weak smile. "Not too long." The both of you stood quiet for a while not knowing what to say. You weren’t sure if he saw you crying, but it was quite obvious since he seemed awkward. You glanced at Namjoon as he looked down on you. You smiled and questioned, “Oppa? What is the reason that you wanted to meet up?" He nodded with a smile and handed you the bouquet of Gypsophila. In awe, you grabbed the bouquet feeling the softness under your touch. It looked like tiny clouds which excited you more. Namjoon chuckled as he watched you giggle. "It resembles pureness of heart; innocence, just like you." His words completely touched your heart. He isn’t the type to abruptly confess even as something small like what he just did. Suddenly, he began rapping one of your favorite songs from his group, "The moment I first saw you with short hair and a pretty school uniform, I only remember that image. You can’t go anywhere, you have to only look at me too. I don’t know why my heart is like this? I only think of you, always. I’ll become a rhythm and a song and sing it for you. I only have you. (Good to you) Even if I’m far away, always stay by my side-” You lowered your head feeling hurt instead of excitement; Namjoon began to notice it and quit rapping. “Is something wrong?” Tears began to stream down your cheeks causing Namjoon to frown. You looked through his pockets and took out the palm-sized box from his blazer’s pocket. “I can’t accept this, Namjoon. As much as I love and care for you, I can’t accept your proposal.” You placed the box inside the pocket in his blazer. Namjoon stood frozen and muttered, "W-why not?" You shook your head and tried to escape when he firmly grasped your arm. “Don’t leave me like this. Give me a reason why you don’t want to marry me.” You glanced at the bouquet in your hands beginning and timidly glanced at him. Sighing, you spoke with eyes closed, "My father doesn’t like it that we’re he’s transferring me to a College in the United States." Namjoon lowered his head, "For how long are you going to be...gone?" You opened your eyes and caressed his cheek with tears. "I am not sure how long I’ll be there..." Namjoon nodded and looked at you with tears in his eyes. "Oppa, I would love to marry you, but there is no telling when I will come back. I don't want to accept and leave the next day without telling you." "I understand. So, you said you’re leaving tomorrow?" "Tomorrow morning..." He nodded soullessly. You took him to your embrace as you couldn’t bear to see your beloved in tears. “Oppa...I’ll be watching you as I’m over there. Please take care of yourself and don’t skip a meal. Always smile for me.” Namjoon nodded while sniffling.
After a while in each other's embrace, Namjoon departed and looked into your eyes. "I love you." And before you could respond, he crashed his lips against yours causing the bouquet of Gypsophila to slip from your hand's grip. You haven’t felt so overwhelmed in a while, until now. Your lips departed and took you on his embrace. "Don’t forget to contact me when you can, now go before your father hunts me down.” You both chuckled as he let you go. You glanced at him one last time and walked away wiping incoming tears. Namjoon stood as he watched you vanish from his sight. He sneaked into his pocket and grabbed the box, opening it and held the engagement ring you had always wanted. Sighing in disappointment, he looked around and spotted the bouquet. He bend over and picked it up, embracing it with care and delicacy. “My sweet Emealia, I miss you already. Please come back faster and lets get married happily." Straightening up, he shoved the ring back inside the box and back in his pocket as he stared at the stars with thoughts of you.
I'm crying this is beautiful I would tell my father this isn't my dream my dream is with namjoon DX
I am TOTALLY not tearing up. Just saying. This was so good! T.T
@KpopGaby My dad heard me doing my little dance/choking thing for when I really like something and demanded to read whatever I'd gotten worked up over. He read the Imagine and he says it was good. He liked it. XD
@KpopGaby Hit me right in the feels, I love it. You did a really good jib writing this
@Emealia Hahaha :) Dang~ a father approved. I feel honored ^_^
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