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I am watching Mary Stayed Out All Night for the first time and I'm having a moment. I commonly have moments where I literally have to step away from my computer and complain to my husband about how much feels I'm having. Just happened. Its like my whole world gets flipped upside down for a minute. I'm just happy that I am a huge fangirl whose husband is cool with the fact that she is a fangirl LOL. So I know this post was random but I needed to clear my head with my vingle family who I know will understand.
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OMG i watch this every winter hahahah some people have christmas movies, i have this drama
this was me with Mask. Miyeon and Seokhoon had me wanting to throw my laptop
I love that show!
I really, really get this all. @caricakes ITS TIME TO WATCH IT AGAIN
jang guen suk 馃挒馃挒馃挒 sorry but she looks crazy I can imagine the wedding