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Do you think your wedding flowers are going to look this good, when 99% of industry flowers are farm grown with an emphasis on "mainstream" variety versus garden grown flowers that feature seasonal blooms that are rarely hybrids? I'm just asking because A LOT of industry photos of flowers, especially bouquets, will show garden grown blooms, yet talk about florist farm grown flowers.
The two ARE NOT SYNONYMOUS. Let's be clear about that.
If you're looking, specifically for English garden grown flowers, expect to pay more because these flowers are considered premium. Also, you need to get in touch with florists who use flowers from their own garden, or who partner with local growers that specialize in organics and NOT HYBRIDS.
And just so you know, the romantic "garden-y" roses with triple count petals (and more), that smell AMAZING, are "English" by category and cannot be hybrid. These are the blooms that meld with peonies, and could almost be cousins. The standard Valentine style and shape of roses that you see in supermarkets are 99% hybrids, have either no scent or smell of rancor and freezers.
If you love the flowers you see above, they are from Tulipina Design out of San Francisco. Trust me, her flowers, though expensive, are worth it!