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Korean Vocab of the Day #11 "난리잖아요" (It's the talk of the town)
Let's learn '난리잖아요' with a clip from 프로듀샤, a recent KBS drama starring 김수현, 공효진 and 아이유.
'난리잖아요' is one of vocabularies that can be interpreted differently depending on the situation.
난리 itself means disturbance, stir or chaos and has both positive and negative connotation and can be neutral as well.
1) (In the clip) 거지 신디, 지금 난리잖아요: Cindy the Beggar, it's the talk of the town! (Quite positive or could be neutral - simply meaning 'it's the talk of the town')
2) 요즘 메르스 때문에 난리잖아요. These days, Mers caused such a big stir. (negative)
3) 요즘 Exo 때문에 난리잖아요. These days, Exo has been talked about by many people. (Neutral: You wouldn't know if this is negative or positive until you have relevant information.)
For other vocab from the video clip such as '각오 좀 하셔야 될겁니다 (Brace yourself)', '진짜 깜짝 놀랐습니다' (I was really surprised), '예상을 못한 일이라서' (It was unexpected), '귀여운데' (I think it's cute), click http://www.laughingbeans.com/learn/class/348 or the image above.
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