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Cook Out Burger
craving for a burger, yummy!!! now how will i lose weight this way?? *shrugs shoulder*...lolz
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i'm in the league unnie
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you know whats funny and soooo bad....i got home from work and i was sooo freaken tired, so i took a nap at 6 and then got up around 10ish, didnt realize i slept that longgggg......so obviously since i skipped dinner, i got super hungry and i was craving for a burger......so at MIDNIGHT, yeah midnight!!! i went to 'cook out' and got me a burger.....it was sooo delish and satisfying....lolz
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hahaha!!! perks of being an adult.... my parents would never let me go wandering at night alone!!
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Well, you skipped dinner, so it's not really a bad thing is it? I mean, burgers can be...healthy. There's meat, grains, dairy...vegetables. Somewhere. :D It looks delish!
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@yinofyang tell my mum that!
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