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Let's get to 1 million likes before BIGBANG comes on ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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@VixenViVi, hmmmmm I wonder if it's really them or a team many to reply for them. But I literally have no space on my phone, if I take too many more photos I have to delete things lol I need to buy a memory card. I wonder if I can download it on my tablet..
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@ErinGregory No it a live video feed with a chat they can read. it's great and big bang is doing thier video count down on it
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@VixenViVi, OH okay. I'm trying to get it on my tablet now. Is it the blue one with the hand and two fingers up? ✌
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@ErinGregory 네! yupp!
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@VixenViVi, I downloaded it but still not 100% sure how to work it. I'll have to play with it tomorrow.
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