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I'm kind of scared but excited at the same time. I am mainly scared of the people there.
Thank you all for the high school advice! The more I read into it, the better it sounds.
Freshman year is the second best year of high school after senior year. Or so I've heard, I'm starting my senior year next week. It might be a bit scary at first but after the first week you'll be fine. Enjoy your high school life because it'll go by really quickly. I still can't believe that I'm in my final year of hs. Be involved in school events, clubs, sports (I'm a bit biased since these are the sports I do but volleyball and soccer are daebak). It's easier to be friends with people when you're forced to see each other multiple times a week.
You'll be okay! I'm finishing up my last semester of college! Your HS years will fly by in a flash! Live in the moment, put forth your best effort and you'll do just fine! :D
High school can be scary just starting out, but it's full of amazing memories if you let it!! I didn't do much in high school and I really wish I had, but even so I had a lot more fun than I thought :-) you'll be fine!
I just Finnish my freshman year of high school. it is not a bad as you think. trust me. if I survived then you will too~ ^ ^
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