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I'm kind of scared but excited at the same time. I am mainly scared of the people there.
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Do EVERYTHING offered in high school. Go on all the trips. Be yourself (or youll get friends that last 2 weeks at most) and dont stress out too much (usually just senior yr). I just finished high schhool. Ready to be a freshman in college. They will be the most inportant yrs because u will learn what kind of person u want to be and will meet friends that will keep u Sane!!!
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I'm a junior and I have gym 1st period
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Thank you for sharing your experiences! How do you like gym first in the morning, @thisismylife?
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@MagicBananas I know this question wasn't directed towards me but I had gym in the morning during freshman and soon to be senior year. I think it all depends on the weather where you live. I live in California so it can get pretty hot in the afternoon so I was happy that I had gym in the morning. The only bad thing is that I had a class after gym so on run days I would come in looking all gross
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It is always okay to give your experiences. I take mind to all of them. Thank you for sharing!
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