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Now this shit is very dangerous in my opinion. You start questioning facts and you can break yourself. Like you lay around thinking and you start second guessing things you know youre good at. Not to mention over complicating shit too. Literally you can spend hours even days contemplating things. Theres a limit to how deep though. Dont dig a hole you cant crawl out of. Ive been guilty of digging too deep and getting my ass stuck we all do it. Dont worry if you do just try to avoid it. You dont wanna mess with your mental foundation. On the other hand though over thinking has perks too. You can have all kinds of view points and gain deeper understanding of others. So when something comes up you can see their point not just yours. Yes youre think "Well aint that just courtesy or being compassionate?' Not necessarily those can be faked but understanding someone shouldnt be faked. I dont know if you get what Im saying cause I can be confusing. So I hope you are, in the end though over thinking can be a blessing or a curse it really depends on you. Its definitely a way to kill time.
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a new study has shown that over thinkers are creative geniouses. but overthinking has its down side too, as you said.
dont try to understand how to reach a pathological narcissist or change them. its futile and i waisted two years of my life on it. thats one bad thing about being an over thinker. i should have just concluded that id been conned by an asshole and just hit the road. instead, me being an over thinker, i decided there must be more to it than that and i should try to figure him out.
I found a pothole in a book series that I'm about 99.99% sure no one has found yet.
Thats how you know your smarter than the average dumbass welcome to the club!