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So...my brother is leaving for college in San Diego in a couple of hours. Now that I think about it this doesn't have anything to do with kpop but oh well I'll just put some kpop related images and gifs... Anyway, I told my entire family that I could go for at least three months without seeing someone and not miss them at all, which I think would be true for most people but my brother is practically my best friend (not that I would ever tell him that). I was completely fine on the plane ride home earlier (i went to hawaii) but now everything has finally hit me and I actually cried a bit. I'm not an emotional person so I pretty much never cry but I think I need to release a couple of years (how long it's been since the last time I cried) of pent up emotions. Now, let's make this card kpop related...
I think I've cheered myself up just by looling for these memes lol
But just in case I wake up tomorrow and see that my brother is gone and start crying do you guys have any mvs (kpop or not) or videos/songs that make you happy?
I'm from San Diego!!! Tell your brother to go to Convoy and get you Kpop gear cause that's basically our Korea town :) And definitely listen to VIXX GR8U!
@JustinaNguyen whenever I'm down their songs always make me happy. it makes me forget the bad things. XD
infinite can you smile, Exo so baby don't cry......... tonight.
@ninachan thanks for the suggestions! Infinite and exo are both in my top ten favorite groups so listening to them will definitely make me feel happier
@JUstinaNguyen oh okay..lol i totally understand how you feel. if you ever need someone to talk to you always got us (kpop Vingle FamBam) to be a shoulder to lean on, ear to listen to, and heart to pour out to.
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