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I'm sad...
So...my brother is leaving for college in San Diego in a couple of hours. Now that I think about it this doesn't have anything to do with kpop but oh well I'll just put some kpop related images and gifs... Anyway, I told my entire family that I could go for at least three months without seeing someone and not miss them at all, which I think would be true for most people but my brother is practically my best friend (not that I would ever tell him that). I was completely fine on the plane ride home earlier (i went to hawaii) but now everything has finally hit me and I actually cried a bit. I'm not an emotional person so I pretty much never cry but I think I need to release a couple of years (how long it's been since the last time I cried) of pent up emotions. Now, let's make this card kpop related...
I think I've cheered myself up just by looling for these memes lol
But just in case I wake up tomorrow and see that my brother is gone and start crying do you guys have any mvs (kpop or not) or videos/songs that make you happy?
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I'm from San Diego!!! Tell your brother to go to Convoy and get you Kpop gear cause that's basically our Korea town :) And definitely listen to VIXX GR8U!
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haha will do. I'm actually going down there for Christmas so I'll just hold off a the kpop gear until then since he probably won't know what to get me even if I told him
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@JUstinaNguyen what part of Hawaii are you from???? it must be hard on you but GR8U is definitely one that cheers me up. that's cool that you will be here Christmas time
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@SHINee808 where I live is actually only an 8 hour drive from San Diego. I was just in Hawaii on vacation. I'm actually not that sad anymore. I think I was just sad that day because I knew that I'd be spending more time alone since there's no one else at home with me. thanks for the song recommendation though, I'll be sure to listen to it the next time I'm feeling down
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@JUstinaNguyen oh okay..lol i totally understand how you feel. if you ever need someone to talk to you always got us (kpop Vingle FamBam) to be a shoulder to lean on, ear to listen to, and heart to pour out to.
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