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Here is proof that hairstyle can dramatically change your style and how you look.

Taylor Swift

At a first glance your brain would probably register her as boy from an indie band. The grease-looking hair, super prominent brows, minimal makeup, and freckles "barely" looks like Taylor. Also, no red lips!

Megan Fox

The above image was from the set of TMNT 2. If the Transformer star ever want to avoid the papparazzi, she can consider walking out with blonde hair, red lips and a pair of nerdy glasses. Megan looks unrecognizable without her long brunette.

Jennifer Lawrence

Do you recall Jennifer sporting a dark brown hair during her early career? Hair color makes a huge difference! Blonde hair make her eyes pop and she looks more vibrant.

Zooey Deschanel

Yes, not kidding. This is Zooey, the "New Girl" actress. As you can see bangs can entirely change how you look and age. So, go with bangs if you want to appear younger.


We're all familiar with PINK's mohawk pixie cut that makes her look womanly and bad-ass. So, it's a breath of fresh air to see her sweet side with this choppy, side swept bob.

Kristen Stewart

This was Kristen early debut image - innocent, soft and lovely. She's still lovely but her edgy hairstyle gave a different vibe. She's more sexy and strong.
was shocked at Taylor Swift , Zooey Deschanel and Megan Fox. . I didnt recognize them!!
@missophiestik I agree, bare-faced Taylor looks really attractive.
And I do find Taylor hotter in that picture. ;)
Laugh at Taytay's! Oh hair does have wonders.
Taylor Swift – that is INSANE. I completely didn't recognize her, and even then, I had to scroll back and forth between the images a few times before I actually believed you! Lol!
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