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I know, I know. I already made a card about Tangled's love quotes before. More than once, twice even. Okay more than that.
Still, that doesn't mean that I can't share a whole scene for you, because I think that this is such a great representation of love and the feeling of when you realize just what someone else means to you all in a moment!!!
Of course, not everything happened in this singular moment, but this song does a great job of reminding us of what it feels like to realize how much someone means to you---everything is different. Now that you're seeing them, the world has changed a bit, hasn't it?
Mostly I just wanted a reason to make you watch this and think about mushy gushy love scenes with me, okay?
(also, did anyone else notice that the lantern that Rapunzel lifts back up is the one the King/Queen let go in the beginning?! I never noticed that before!! It's the only one with a Royal Emblem on it. Wow!! Another kind of love--patient, long lasting love--hidden in this cute love duet. So great!)
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You can make me watch this anytime :)