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This week is crazy. I have two parties to cocktail them and I am super busy with trying out some new recipes. Imagine my family members, who need to try my cocktails whole day long haha. I made this Kyoto Cocktail yeaterday and it was quite ok. It's made of gin, midori, dry vermouth, lemon juice and a dash of grenadine. It is not the best martini drink out there, but it is quite ok. The best thing about this drink is its color. I can already see people staring at this greeny martini with a touch of red like it's something magical. So, if you have an option of making this yourself, go for it.
it's the same with me. I don't like midori as well, but this drink looks so amazing that you just have to love it. @allischaaff
Hahah I would love to be there to assist as well!! We would mix up some pretty awesome cocktails. :) I think the color combination is so cool on this one ! It's certainly striking. I don't love midori, but if you made me one of these I'd definitely give it a try ;D sorry to have left it out lol!!
I am not a fan of martinis as well, but I liked this version. Oh having you @marshalledgar and @allischaaff for assistants would be awesome.
Hey @rodiziketan I am not a big fan of martinis because of gin. It's not my go-to booze. But I like the color combination you have going on here. That red is so vibrant with the neon green. I also wish I was there to taste-test your drinks and help your family out with that. Of course, @allischaaff would need to be there too so she can weigh in on the matter.
agreed :) it's so pretty!!! @rodiziketan
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