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Sometimes, you have really strange days on the internet that lead you to weird things that you wish you never saw. Today is not one of those days.
Today my weird internet wanderings led me one of the greatest youtube channels I have ever found, and two of the greatest mashups. TSwift + Harry Potter. Frozen + Harry Potter. Yep.
It took me a bit to get into this one, I'll admit it. But as soon as I did....yep. Sold. This girl is the best the BEST the absolute BEST!!
Really though...the characters, the outfits, the lines, the singing, the everything.
My favorite costume is definitely Voldemort, and the comment section on the video alerted me that this particular costume had made earlier appearances in some other videos, so....
I.....what?! I must have the most lost expression on my face right now.
Let's just think about this for a second. She takes what is arguably one of the most innocent songs-singing about love and friendship and wanting to play together....and turns it into a song about love...and friendship....and wanting to make horcruxes and kill all the muggles.
Ok sure. I'll get behind that. I almost felt a little bad for Tommy Riddle??? He's so....cute?!
I'm conflicted. I'm not sure how I feel about these feelings, but I know that I really, really love this Youtuber, whose username is (appropriately) weasleysweaters.
The Tom Riddle Frozen parody is all I’ve ever wanted. so many Potter jokes! hahaha I’m definitely following her on YouTube! now.
@shannon15 Are you gonna make me drink the spiked butterbeer
Do You Wanna Build A Horcrux is hilarious. I'm not even like, SUPER into the Harry Potter fandom, and I still loled.
woaaaaa she's deff creative thats for sure! i am just very confused lmfao
@danidee by the time we're finished, you'll want it XD sorry that sounded like... pg-13
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