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I've never heard of Missing 411 before, but suddenly I'm very, very interested.
David Paulides wrote a few books about the people who go missing in national or state parks and are never found--but also, never talked about. Records (apparently) aren't kept about these searches, and questions by the victims' families often go unanswered. What does this mean?
Honestly, I'm not sure I believe all of this, but I'm no doubt interested. David and his son Ben are putting together the 411 Documentary to bring these stories to life...and the trailer above has me pretty interested. They've reached their base Kickstarter goal, but I just want to see the film that comes out of it!
I've heard of people and even park rangers tell me stories about weird disappearances before, but I've never seen anyone try to tie them all together like this. Really interesting...
Has anyone heard of this before??
Stay safe while out hiking, everyone...
@PaigeBennish Agreed. It's interesting but also a little conspiracy theorist feeling if you know waht I mean. I'm gonna look into the 411 books though! @LizArnone I wouldn't worry too much... :) Just think about the percentage of people actually affected by stuff like this. its pretty small
oh boy! now i feel nervous to camp ! but I'm def gonna research some more into this
Sounds interesting.