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This summer was one comeback after another and I LOVED it. Here are my eight favorite girl group comebacks since June!

1. Wonder Girls

'I Feel You' has been on repeat for the past 36 hours and I still can't get enough. The music video is stunning, with them totally pulling off the 80s/early90s vibes. Their voices are incredible as always and how can they look so good in those tiny 80s jump suits!?
It's only been out for 2 days but they're totally my number 1 this summer.

2. AOA

I'm not going to lie, I avoided their 'Like A Cat' like the plague. I wanted nothing to do with that catchy chorus and cute dance...but then this came along and I fell in love. 'Heart Attack' is catchy, the music video is adorable, and CHOA is becoming one of my favorite girl group members ever.

3. Sistar

Well obviously we knew that Sistar would provide us with a solid summer track, that's like their job. While this doesn't quite beat Loving U or Touch My Body in my book, it still gets SO STUCK IN MY HEAD.

4. Mamamoo

I know there was controversy around this music video, but you can't deny this chorus and the pure power behind their voices. They look like so much fun and this is such a upbeat song for summer. It's not one I put on often but if it comes on shuffle I love it.

5. Girls Day

Sort of reminds me of 'Ring My Bell' by Two X but something about Minah's voice always gets me. I LOVE IT. The girls are gorgeous as usual and if you've watched any music-removed live performances, the girls voices are as impressive as usual!

6. A Pink

This sort of sounds like every APink song ever, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just a 'meh' thing. It sounds really old school like Summer Dream by TVXQ or something. It's good background music or car-listening cause you can almost feel the summer breeze (also Eunji is so awesome!)


There are some songs that use English that make me really uncomfortable, and for some reason when people talk about 'party time' it drives me crazy. This is a great summer track but my personal taste puts it at the bottom of the list. I feel like this could have been so much stronger from them.

8. 9 Muses

I love the verses but I'm not loving the chorus or bridges - the dance is cool though! Mainly, I forgot that song even came out until I made this card LOL!
Sorry @RobertMarsh, but Miss A came back too early to be included on this list^^~
@kpopandkimchi, at least you thought of them ㅋㅋㅋ