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wanna know how to be mad at yourself as a Kpop fan?
Kim Soo Hyun was at KCON this weekend. I was at the airport today with my friend cuz we had flights later in the day. We happen to run into Aoa while we were there so I took a video as they walked past. then we thought oh maybe other artist will come too!! we were hoping for SJ members but no luck there. I was at the gate & she was at the door. she calls me & tells me an idol & his manger is about to walk to the gate. so I hurry to where she is, just walking quickly. we had miscommunications and as I was walking there 2 guys past me also walking fast, I glanced at them but was focused on getting to where my friend said the artist was. turns out she meant he was already heading to the gate so the 2 guys I past turned out to be the idol & his manger...since neither of us really saw who it was, we figures it was one of the MCs/actors we didn't know that we'll. HA NO. TURNS OUT IT WAS FLIPPIN KIM SOO HYUN!!!!
we found out from others there that it was Kim Soo Hyun who also boarded the flight and I saw a picture other fans took & it was totally the 2 guys that I walked right past....
like...we fail as fans and we missed the chance to really see or take pics of THE Kim Soo Hyun up close!!! apparently he even waved at fans when he walked in. Like...so upsetting.........we missed our once in life time chance!! highly doubt we will ever be that close to him again...we missed it TT
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