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"I was heartbroken when I heard about Lafayette — I still am."

In a press conference on Monday, Amy Schumer teamed up with her cousin, New York senator Chuck Schumer, to rally support for stricter gun control laws. She reiterated her message last night on The Daily Show.

"Unless something is done and done soon, dangerous people will continue to get their hands on guns – we know what can happen when they do."

Amy's outspoken advocacy against gun violence follows the devastating shooting in a Lafayette movie theater during a Trainwreck screening. The shooting killed two, Jillian E. Johnson and Mayci Breaux, and wounded several others.
Team Schumer said enough is enough and called for stricter background checks and better mental health service in the US. Chuck Schumer is introducing new legislation in Congress and calling on changes from the Justice Department while Amy is using her recent fame to rally national support.
For once I feel optimistic about potential changes in gun control laws. With a senator introducing legislation and a celebrity backing the cause (which is necessary to raise awareness these days), I hope that something real and important will be done to control gun violence.
Watch Amy's emotional press conference below, and hear Chuck Schumer describe the new legislation.
Me too @JordanNash she's been in the spotlight so much recently, I'm glad that this time it's for something helpful.
I'm so glad that she is speaking out against this. Hopefully, her support will get the laws changed and I'm really glad she is stepping out of her comfort zone and trying to change laws