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Tuesday is three days away from Friday, and it's almost as sucky as Monday. If you're feeling tired, and you're waiting for the week to end, this playlist is for you.

1. B.B. King / The Thrill Is Gone

Are you sitting at your desk or in class going, "Oh my God, time is moving so slowly!"
Then this is the track for you. Slow burning, blues gold from the king, B.B. King that is. His guitar work is unparalleled, listen closely for all of the beautiful

2. The Black Keys / Tighten Up

We're going a little more modern here, but still...blues is blues. This fuzz laden track from the Akron, Ohio natives is one to blast when you're about to hit your head on your desk from falling asleep. It's got a nice, deep groove that could be misplaced into a 60's blues playlist by accident any day.

3. Alabama Shakes / Hold On

My god, that voice. Brittany Howard is our generation's answer to Janis Joplin and her pipes will give you chills. One listen to this band and you'll be hooked. This song is an eerie call over a ghostly battlefield. It will inspire you to keep going no matter how hard things are. Blues music is inherently emotional, and this one will either make you want to get up and change the world, or cry hysterically. To each his own.

4. Bill Withers / Ain't No Sunshine

This classic version of blues standard, "Ain't No Sunshine" gets a little bit of '70's gloss, but don't let that fool you. You can definitely feel the pain in Withers' voice, and his delivery is just as smokey as anyone else's. Everyone knows this song, but not this version.

5. Buddy Guy feat. John Mayer / Feels Like Rain

This scratchy version of the Buddy Guy classic is phenominal. John Mayer is a fantastic blues guitarist and doesn't get enough credit for his skills. He more than holds his own against the blues heavy-weight. Buddy Guy, much like B.B. King is a blues legend, and can't be compared. This will give you life.

6. Soul Man / The Blues Brothers

I mean, come on. It's a blues playlist. Happy Tuesday.