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Thanks so much for the inspiration @paulisaverage -- check out his inspiring card here.
I ran down the steps anticipating to miss the train, but I just made it
doors closing behind, I look up and there you were
wearing your green baseball cap and white adidas with the red stripes
our eyes met -- greeting one another with stares in place of words
I'm not sure if the train was moving fast or if my heart was beating faster
you looked so familiar -- maybe we met in my dreams perhaps
I sat down and tried to contain myself, but my heart wouldn't let me catch up
as I looked up I caught you staring and we stared at each other for what felt like an eternity
I didn't want to look away, but I did
glancing out the side of my eye, I caught you staring again and I couldn't help but reciprocate
like two kids having a staring contest, I couldn't tell who would win -- neither did I care
it's crazy that something as simple as a stare can make you feel so warm inside
it's almost like you were speaking to me without words and I comprehended clearly
I glanced one more time and as we pulled up to Prospect Park I saw you gathering your belongings
I stared and stared, until you were out clear view
I could've missed the train this morning, but I made it for a reason
our eyes didn't lock on accident
just like my heart didn't flutter with every stare by chance
it was predestined, even if only for fifteen minutes
those were the best fifteen minutes I've had in awhile
they say this is the city where anything is possible
so is it possible for us to possibly cross paths again
This piece is so lovely on so many levels! There was a period of time during my morning commute when I saw the SAME guy every single day for 3 weeks in a row. It didn't matter if I rode in the middle car, all the way in the back, or in the first car. I always managed to see/run into him! I wish I took the time to reach out and extend a simple "hello" but I guess the moment passed and our paths have never crossed since. If you and this wonderful stranger ever do cross paths again, it must be fate! Definitely introduce yourself because you never want to have that "what if" factor lingering in the back of your mind.
honestly, I almost did. I thought about being a creep, but I felt like my constant staring was creepy enough. ughhhhhh! thanks so much for checking it out :) @LizArnone
I WISH YOU FOLLOWED HIM OUT!! this is amazing! if you do lock eyes with him again that is a sign for real! thanks for sharing !
thank you so much! @skee292 I was on the train this morning, like OMG I have to write about this experience. it was so weird and he was so handsome. it took everything in me to not get up and sit beside him and say something. That's so crazy that no matter where you rode on the train the two of you always crossed paths. I love that and that motivates me to definitely speak if I ever see again *wishful thinking* but he had a huge suitcase with him, he may have not even been from the area. I'll just think of him as an angel until (if) I ever see him again. def a train ride for the books though :)