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Spoon are my favorite band of all time. Maybe you knew that already. In any case, now you do.
It's strange, because I love creative and poetic songwriting so much, and Spoon aren't really known for that. With Spoon, it's the music, plain and simple.
The Lyric of the Day for Tuesday comes from the my least favorite and by all accounts the least successful of Spoon's eight studio albums, Girls Can Tell. The song is, as it turns out, not a Spoon original, but instead a cover of a song by a relatively unknown band called The Sidehackers. It's "Me and the Bean."
"I'll bring you cover when you're cold
You'll bring me youth when I grow old"
It's a simple rhyme, I know. Even if it's simple, it's a nice sentiment - the give and the take of a loving relationship. Scratching one another's back, if you will. I love the notion that a lover can bring you youth in old age.
Plus, the way it's sung comes off so so nicely, and that's totally because of Britt Daniel's perfect singing voice.
oooh, it does, it does.
Great card! I know your love for Spoon runs deep.