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So you finally have a place of your own, and I don't mean your college dorm, I mean a real apartment that you can paint, decorate and make your own. Congratulations you are moving on up in the world! Im sure your head is full of amazing ways to make the space perfect.
However, now that you're an adult (because yes, as much as you want to go back to college you are now an adult), your apartment should mirror that. Here are some definite do's and dont's to make your apartment stylish, fun, yet still grown up.
No Posters!
Posters are fun and can help show that you're totally cool and like cars, One Directions and beer. But now that you aren't completely confined to using tape to hang stuff, posters just look tacky and childish. Find a cool statement piece (there are even ways to make them for cheap) to brighten up any room.
And absolutely no half naked girls/boys because come on, you should be over that faze by now.
Yes to Christmas lights.
Not all college dorm ideas are terrible! Some decorative Christmas lights in your room (the area you have the most freedom) can look very classy and definitely cast a cozy feel during the snuggling days of winter. Just remember less is more because you don't want your room looking like a christmas tree.
This one is hard because some can look very beautiful and really light up a room. But some can also look like you are just hanging up a sheet to cover up a hole you punched into a wall. If your tapestry has beautiful detail and bright colors and you just know it will tie the room together perfectly, make sure you hang it tight against the wall to keep it looking sharp, almost like a painting.
But if you have anything with pot leaves on it, pass it down to your younger sibling so everyone in their dorm can know they smoke weed too.
Splurge on a nice coffee table
Moving in cost MONEY! Forget about rent, you are going to need to buy everything that you always just assumed came with a house, including cleaning supplies. But there are a few things to drop money on and both are in the living room.
The living room and kitchen are where people hang out the most, which means they should be the most put together. Get a coffee table that is going to last though your late twenties. It should be well made and tasteful, not something your friends want to stand on when they shot gun a beer. It is the focal point of your living room after all.
It's Also nice when you know someone who has key pieces of furniture to help with the move
@LizArnone Haha even though the boy didn't work out I'm glad the nightlight did. Also, your solar system ceiling sounds very cool! I bet it looks magical!
I can't sleep in the dark, so I love using Christmas light for decoration and as a night light.
@cindystran me neither!! i love having a night light, my ex-bf actually got me a cool one that projected the solar system on my ceiling. Ditched the boy but still kept the nightlight lol