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Start with a 5 minute jog in place.


8 Push Ups

(use a 3 count down and a 3 count back up)

8 Triceps Dips

(use a 3 count down and a 3 count back up)

1 minute Downward Dog To Upward Dog

(Start with hands shoulder width apart and feet hip width apart. Look at your toes and press your hips towards the ceiling. Keep your back flat and heels pressing down and then push forward.)

5 Yoga Push Ups

(If you find this too challenging, you can always substitute this for another arm exercise.)

10 Alligator Crawls

(Start in a low push up position. Keep your elbows bent and step one hand/foot forward at a time.)

Things to Consider:

*Rest 1 minute after completing circuit and repeat once.
*Take 30 second rests between each exercise.