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You've been there. You wake up after a wild Saturday night, your work or classes are a total afterthought. Your head is pounding. Blood boiling. You need to throw up, but can't bring yourself to get sick. You instantly regret the shots of whiskey and free-flowing amounts of tapped Keg beer. Natty light and cigarettes, laughs and a stumble've got a hangover.
And you feel like you're going to die.
If you haven't ever been hungover you're lying. It's a college right of passage. You and your friends gather in the common area to talk about everything you screwed up last night, and your body is paying for it now.

The real question is though...can you actually die from a hangover?

So when you have a hangover...what's going on?

--So your body is basically trying to recoup the electrolytes and bullshit you injected it with the night prior.
--It's filtering things out, and is completely inflamed, which accounts for your puffy face and bulging eyes.
--Your R.E.M. sleep is all screwed up and your sleeping patterns get all wonky because your blood flow and anxiety levels are way higher than normal, so you get a fleeting feeling of alertness that is actually totally false.
--Your intestines are all twisted up because everything is either blocked all to hell or just plain stopped. Regardless, you're probably feeling miserable.
---The dizziness you feel when you stand up? Is the alcohol trying to work the alcohol out of your body, and you're dehydrated as hell. You feel like you're dying, but you're not.

Here's why you get hangovers, just the facts:

--Alcohol is poisonous! Yeah, we all don't like to believe it, but it's meant to break down your body and wreck your systems. Alcohol by nature kills things, and it can kill you.
-- Your body is only supposed to process one unit of alcohol per hour. So like...taking 5 shots in 15 minutes isn't productive to good health? Who knew?
--Alcohol dehydrates and totally destroys your insides. The reason people get the shakes and dizziness when they're wasted is because alcohol is a diuretic. It makes you have to use the restroom a lot (breaking the seal, no matter how crude of a term, is exactly what you're doing), and that's what makes you dizzy and sick.
--When you're screwed up, everything is depressed, because like...newsflash, alcohol is a depressant. It slows EVERYTHING down.

So, how do you help yourself?

-- WATER, the number one way to get rid of a hangover is to drink lots of water. Especially right when you wake-up. You must re-hydrate.
--Just get up: you'll think staying in bed all day will help you. It won't. Getting your body moving again, and things will be better.
--Eat something! Yeah, you probably feel like throwing up, but you'll feel a million times better after you eat. Bread, carbs and something that fills you up will serve you best.
--Sleep, after you eat, drink water and move around a bit, you've got to sleep. The hangover will be gone after a good night's Z's.
Also, you could just not drink that much to begin with...but I would just be lying to you if I said that was a real option.
Good luck, stay safe, and mind your hangover.

The Conclusion:

You can't directly die from a hangover. Despite all of the harsh realities above, it's not possible. You can, however; get alcohol poisoning, do something dumb while your drunk, or have an accident. These things can lead to your demise, but the hangover won't. It's just a way for your body to reset.


Prolonged alcohol use will kill you. Your liver will fail, your mind will go and you have an increased risk of literally every disease known to man. We don't have to get into specifics to know that.
So be careful out there. Have your fun, but know the risks and be aware of the consequences. Just because you aren't dying, doesn't mean you're not destroying yourself. even if you're just having fun in college.
Yeah...don't take all of those. ;)
learn something new everyday! lol @TessStevens
lmao how random
oooo @jordanhamilton got wasted
well this was extremely informative and enjoyable to read. if only you wouldve written this two days ago! haha :)
Hahah @jordanhamilton it's an expression used when people are like bickering like you and @alywoah were, it's like "calm down you guys are both okay" lolol
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