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We've been talking about the casting of Channing Tatum as Gambit on the card @LAVONYORK wrote (and you should check it out!) and it got me thinking... what other heroes haven't been cast yet? There are lots of characters from the comics that haven't been adapted to film yet. I picked a few of my favorites, and the actors I'd like to see play them. Are there any that you'd like to see?

Dazzler- Heather Morris

We already know she can sing (from Glee) and she could bring a really upbeat vibe to the character. Dazzler is sort of an odd character. Unlike most of the other X-men, her mutant powers haven't felt like a burden to her, and she was able to use her abilities to build a successful pop music career. This could be a really fun, different direction for a spin-off movie.

Fantomex- Bob Morley

This character isn't like the other mutants on the list, because his powers were artificially created. He's arrogant and sly and kind of charming (similar to Gambit or Deadpool). We've seen Bob Morley play a similar character on The 100, and he managed to find complexity and depth in a role that at first seemed like a thankless anti-hero foil to the protagonist.

Domino- Crystal Reed

Domino is kind of an odd character. She can alter probability so that the odds in any situation she's participating in are in her favor. This means that she has incredible reflexes and abilities, even though she might not look very strong. She's also kind of ambiguously on the side of good; she's a mercenary, so not a typical hero-type. Crystal Reed could definitely tackle a character like this.

Dr. Cecilia Reyes- Freema Agyeman

This actress could join the ranks of Benedict Cumberbatch and David Tennant and become 'nerd famous'. She played the passionate, powerful doctor Martha Jones in Doctor Who. She showed great versatility and confidence in the role. And we know from her appearance on Sense8 that she can totally rock the dreadlocks look. Cecila Reyes isn't the most powerful mutant in terms of brute strength; she can create a field around her that protects her from attacks. But she's a complex character, and definitely one that Freema could do justice.

Legion- Oded Fehr

This would be kind of a difficult character to bring to film, since there are so many other consciousnesses inside Legion's mind. It would probably mean that multiple actors would have to create a collaborative performance. Oded Fehr would make a great 'default' personality, and I'd be really interested in seeing a performance from him depicting a character constantly struggling with the other people inside his head.

That's my dream cast!

I highly doubt all these characters would end up in the SAME movie, but they'd be really cool to see in either films of their own (like Dazzler) or as antagonists in an ensemble film (like Legion could be). Does anyone else have their own casting choices for X-Men characters? I picked ones that we haven't seen yet but I'd be interested to see who you would choose for recasting current roles as well. @buddyesd @najalong1998 @LAVONYORK @loftonc16 what do you think? Do you have a favorite character you wish would be in the movies?
Lmao @ Halle's disappearing accent. Good one @buddyesd
I'm not into the younger versions at all @shannonl5, I believe more thought needed to go into that.
@shannonl5 I might have picked Milena at the time. She was sporting a hair style similar at the time
@LAVONYORK I wood keep Halle Berry but tell her to keep the accent. She mysteriously lost it in the sequel...maybe magneto stole it lol
@shannonl5 seeeeeee, now I just want to sit here and recast everything lol. Great post!
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