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As a lame high schooler, all I did was dream about college. It must be just like on TV, I thought. Never-ending parties, hot dudes everywhere and pretty much no class. Come to find out, parties definitely should end, hot dudes are few and far between, and class is actually quite hard. Oh well, you live and you learn. But I definitely have a few TV shows to thank for planting these college myths in my head.

1. You don't have to work hard

Pretty much every college show on TV (Greek, Blue Mountain State) makes college look like a nonstop party. There's no library, no textbooks, nothing. That's just not the case. I became so familiar with the library by the end of my senior year that I took graduation pictures there. Even in Community, a show about an actual study group, the cast mostly just runs around the school doing weird stuff instead of studying.

2. Dorms are nice

Throwback to Zoey 101 and the swanky PCA dorms. Not only do dorms not look this good, they are pretty much the polar opposite of this (check out @TessStevens' card about college dorm myths if you don't believe me). Mine was dirty, small and had a mattress made of plastic. If you're lucky enough to have a common room, it certainly won't have rad '70s furniture or a foosball table.

3. You have to go greek

Lots of TV shows about college surround greek life. No one outside the system is even part of the storyline. On TV, greek life looks dramatic and fun, like one big party. I went into college fully expecting to join a sorority, come to find out greek life at my school sucked. Luckily, only 25% of the student body went greek, so I could find solace elsewhere.

4. You and your freshman roommate will be BFFs

If you're one of those people who's still best friends with your freshman roommate, you're lucky. The likelihood that you'll click with the rando you found on a weird roommate finding site is small. I have no idea what my freshman roommate is doing with her life. We were cordial, and I'd wave to her across campus, but we were no Ted and Marshall.

5. Everyone gets drunk, all the time

Every episode of college TV includes a party scene. A frat party, a formal, whatever it is, there's heavy drinking involved. Sure, a lot of college life does revolve around drinking (if you want it to), but not the way TV portrays it. Some people drink a lot, some people drink a little, some don't drink at all. The best part is that no one really cares what you do, as long as you have fun doing it.
haha @VinMcCarthy it's not necessarily a bad thing! I'm glad your college experience was a bit more ridiculous than mine
I feel bad that my college experience reflected a bunch of stuff (though not all) of the things exhibited in tv shows...
Oh my gosh I totally forgot about the show Greek @LauraFisher. These are all so accurate, I was told so many lies about what college would be like from TV shows haha
Hahah @JordanNash Greek is such a good (also sort of bad) show, but it probably told me the most lies about college. I'm actually happy college was nothing like Greek lol.