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Bartolo's got plenty to smile about.

The aging Mets pitcher broke a personal 6 game losing streak last night, pitching 8 really strong innings against the Marlins in a 12-1 rout by the Mets. It was all so beautiful.
The #1 hitting prospect in the organization, Michael Conforto, hit his first career big-league home run last night to get it all started. After his three run blast in the 2nd inning, things only got better.
Yoenis Cespedes clobbered the ball all night, notching three doubles and 4 RBIs, twice missing home runs by about four feet combined. Travis d'Arnaud collected 2 hits. Daniel Murphy played some awesome defense at third base, robbing speedster Dee Gordon of base hits on multiple occasions. Even Colon got a hit!
I take back what I said in the title - the Mets didn't steal first place from the Nationals last night. They seized it. And they earned it.
They're playing some of the best baseball in the league right now, and no one could deny that.

It's amazing what a week can do.

Great to see the Mets meshing in the grizzled vets with homegrown talent. They need to re-sign Cespedes and keep him in town for the long term. Keeping him in house will allow the Mets to build something special.
The Mets are really putting things together nicely.. its all about finishing strong. Due to their pitching, they will be a very hard team to beat in the post season. What position does the kid Conforto play?
I would LOVE the Mets to lock down Cespedes. He's got the potential to be a cornerstone guy for years and years to come. He also feels like a guy that belong in a major market, and NY would suit him well. Hopefully the Mets are willing to pony up and give him the cash...
He's a left fielder, and a good one. I'll do a profile on him later today