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This video just came out on YouTube on July 23rd. I think the music video is suppose to give a summer feel. It's definitely one of those fun, party songs. It's bold, edgy, and sexy. And maybe a little bit raunchy. However, the beat gives me a teeny-boppy feel.
To be honest, I am not really in love with the song. I can see how it can be catchy. It's one of those songs I'd probably dig if I was drunk off my @$$! :)
I am like half and half on this. What do you think about Demi's new music video?
@alywoah Yeah I think it has potential....with some help hahaha
@onesmile, I guess I am not in that demographic. It's catchy, I just have to be intoxicated to really love it and shake it. Lol. She definitely looks confident. (^_^)
shes for sure trying to catch a certain demographic, haha, but I have to say she looks so confident!
@alywoah the philosophical question of the 21 century lol i gotta go i really don't like this !
And if you're hammered to like a song, do you really like it lol???? ;__;
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