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Conservative Republicans have been trying to get rid of Planned Parenthood for years and with the latest propaganda of "selling baby parts" (learn more about that here), they jumped at the chance to take away proper and affordable health care for women. What is this the early 1900s?
Thankfully, rather then regress in time to where women had even less rights then they do now, a vote of 53-46 failed to get the 60% it needed to defund Planned Parenthood.
And thank fucking God it did.
Defunding Planned Parenthood will take away millions of American citizens rights to affordable health care. Contrary to conservative beliefs, abortions are a very small factor in what actually takes place behind the (should be privacy) of a doctors office.
But just because the defunding legislation did not pass does not mean the fight to rip away women's rights to their own bodies is over. Conservatives are now demanding their leaders attach provisions to any spending bill that will take money away from planned parenthood.
Because having a woman who is in control of her own health and well being is to scary right?
So I just have one question for the ELECTED OFFICIALS that clearly don't understand women's reproductive rights.
This anti-abortion video was created by a man, one who can never get pregnant, can never be faced with the decision to keep or terminate an unwanted pregnancy, and can never hold even a wanted pregnancy to term.
So why the hell are we crediting anything this MAN says about something that is so clearly a WOMANS choice.
Standing up for Planned Parenthood does not mean you are standing up for the "murder of babies". Standing up for Planned Parenthood means you are standing up for the millions of women who can't get cancer screenings with out it. Who can't get pap smears, or breast exams or AFFORDABLE CONTRACEPTION that helps prevent thousands of unwanted pregnancies a year!
So stand up for Planned Parenthood and stand up for the rights of your mothers, sisters and daughters. Because this fight is no where near over.
Yaaaaaaasss girl!! You ROCK, I love how you stand up for women's rights on this and many other cards! You inspired me to create my own card about the whole PP debacle, to encourage people to keep fighting. You're right – the battle may be won, but the war is far from over.
@allischaaff WOOOOOOO we need all the girl power we can get (including some girl power from boys) love your card!!!