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It’s time to celebrate a Barack O’Birthday because today the POTUS turns 54! In celebration of this president’s womb emancipation, I’m highlight some great Barack Obama moments.

Here are some rocking moments of the Prez:

That time he Slow Jammed the News...

And he talks and he was being all Prezzy of the United Steezzy? (I think that’s how you would spell it.) The POTUS with the mostest and all that.

That time he hung out with kids at bar...

Obama made a stop at a bar in Boulder, Colorado while he was traveling and campaigning. A student snagged this picture with the president that went viral. Look at that smile! How could you not like this guy?

That time he hung out with Beyonce and Jay Z...

And they looked so classy and fun. Is there such a thing as too much cool in an image?

That time we almost made eye contact...

Obama came to my school a few years a ago and gave a speech on my campus. I waited in like to see the president and got a pretty good seat. If you look really close, you can tell he’s definitely squinting in my direction.

And last but certainly not least... The time he hung out between two ferns.

Zach Galifianakis and Obama hang out and it’s the best and most wonderful thing on YouTube. The sarcasm is GOLD.
You may not agree with his politics, but you’ve gotta admit it. President Obama has style.
Happy Birthday to the coolest leader of the United States of America.