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Welcome to Kpop Adlibs!

I used to love playing Mad Libs when I was little - and to be honest, I still do.
Madlibs was a game when your friend had a piece of paper with a story that looked like this:
(NAME) went to the (PLACE) and bought (PLURAL NOUN) to (VERB) with.
You had no idea what the sentence said so you would just say the first name, place, noun, and verb that came into your head. Once you filled in the blanks you read the story outloud and the results were usually pretty ridiculous.

So! Let's do it for KPOP!

Here's how to play:
1. Leave your answers in the comments (I'll leave my comment as an example^^) 2. Come back tomorrow to see how your choices fits in with the story!
It's Wednesday morning and (idol name) is in a (adjective) mood. They were planning on meeting up with (idol 2 name) and (idol 3 name) to (verb) but both of them said they had to (verb) with (idol 4 name) instead. (idol 1 name) got out of bed, ate some (plural noun) and headed to (place). On the way they saw (idol 5 name) in/on a (noun) (verb-ing). "What's up, (noun)?" said (idol 1 name)
"Just (verbing)" (verb-ed) (Idol 5 name)

Suddenly a (adjective) (noun) flew by (idol 1 name)'s head and hit them in the (body part). (noun) started (verbing) out of the cut and (idol 5 name) started to (verb). "We have to get you to (place)!!!" (idol 1 name) suddenly felt very (adjective) and grabbed (idol 5 name)'s (noun) "Let's go" (idol 1 name) said with (plural noun) in their eyes


For example: @lamrotamrot's answers -

It's Wednesday morning and Hakyeon is in a fabulous mood. They were planning on meeting up with G Dragon and Leo to kick it but both of them said they had to hug Rap Monster instead. Hakyeon got out of bed, ate some papayas and headed to Mars. On the way they saw T.O.P in cereal, popping. "What's up, car?" said Hakyeon
"Just sleeping" drank TOP

Suddenly an exciting book flew by Hakyeon's head and hit them in the toe nails. Dragons started poking out of the cut and TOP started to wash.
"We have to get you to dungeon!!!"
Hakyeon suddenly felt very dark and grabbed TOP's box.
"Let's go" Hakyeon said with bananas in their eyes.

Idol 1: Youngbae Adjective: Furry Idol 2: Namjoon Idol 3: Seungri Verb: Drive Verb: Jumping Plural Noun: Gerbils Place: Pyongyang, North Korea Idol 5: Yixing (Lay) Noun: Blanket Verb(ing): cooking Noun: Underwear Verb(ing): laughing Verb (past): Fell Adjective: Short Noun: Ceiling Fan Body Part: Spleen Noun: Paper Verb(ing): Joyriding Verb: Crying Place: Taj Mahal Adjective: Peachy Noun: Soap Plural noun: angry telemarketers
G dragon went to the market and bought Barbie dolls to play with. :D hahahaha
@KutieKiKi I <3 fruits lol
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