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She never goes out of 'Style'.

Taylor Swift joined Vanity Fair for more than just a fashion shoot, she also played the very fun Word Association Game! Swift, 25, is the pop star that everyone in the world wants to be friends with. She's the "Captain of the #GirlsSquad" as Vanity Fair has claimed. She flies around the world for her 1989 world tour while doing photo shoots, interviews, and of course, hanging out with her BFFs. Did you know Swift likes to carry around birthday cards in case she runs into a friend who's birthday happens to be that day? So thoughtful!


Yes, she loves selfies. Yes, she's going to be 30 in a few years. And yes, she's still terrified of awards shows (I don't know how at this point). Swift is almost expected to win every award at the MTV VMAs and she's conquering the world of music. If you check out Vanity Fair's interview with Swift, we see a lot of importance on Swift's friendships. Obviously Swift tiptoed around her feud with Katy Perry but did say that Kanye and her are finally on good terms. And obviously Swift likes Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian. Vanity Fair also made sure not to forget Swift's monumental win against Apple. This edition is a killer for sure!

It's all about that moral code. And selfies.

Check out the full article in Vanity Fair!

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