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Turtlenecks had a serious revival this past year, and are only going to get more popular from here on out. Who's to say you can't wear a turtleneck right now, just because it's August? It's a great way to transition toward fall and add some trendy polish to your look. Sleeveless turtleneck dresses are great, but turtleneck tops are super versatile and will serve you well come fall! Here's how to wear them without sweating yourself to death.

Wear a turtleneck tank to work to balance out bare legs.

Sleeveless tops with turtlenecks (like this one or this one) are a great way to add polish to complement a shorter hemline. If you're dying to wear that miniskirt or shorts to the office and want to counter the bareness without wearing a full long-sleeve, a turtleneck tank is both flattering and modest to balance the look.

Contrast a full skirt with a fitted turtleneck top.

For a look that keeps you covered but is far from frumpy, try a body-conscious turtleneck top to contrast a full midi skirt. A tight-fitting sleeveless turtleneck can also be a great layering piece come fall and winter, so it'll serve you well to test out the style now.

Elevate your nightwear with a cropped turtleneck top.

Pair your miniskirt or skinny jeans with a tight and cropped turtleneck to add the trend to your nightwear. In the same way that a tight cropped top with long sleeves balances out the sexy look, a turtleneck adds a little bit of coverage while still showing enough skin to make it bar-appropriate.

For an unexpected look, layer a turtleneck under a slip dress.

If you're trying to layer this summer without dying of heatstroke, layer a sleeveless turtleneck under a strappy tank dress. If it's a looser dress, try a more fitted top. A knit or ribbed turtleneck will give interesting texture to the slipdress. If you're feeling bold (and have the safety of air conditioning), try a long-sleeve turtleneck under a shorter dress.