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First of all, let's celebrate!

Last night, we found out that the Senate blocked the bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Check out @LizArnone's gloriously sassy summary of events (and girl-power defense of women's reproductive rights) in her card, Senate Fails To Defund Planned Parenthood, But It's Not Over. A big shout out to this awesome warrior princess of a Vingler, who has wise words to share with those who are against government support of PP:
Standing up for Planned Parenthood means you are standing up for the millions of women who can't get cancer screenings with out it. Who can't get pap smears, or breast exams or AFFORDABLE CONTRACEPTION that helps prevent thousands of unwanted pregnancies a year! So stand up for Planned Parenthood and stand up for the rights of your mothers, sisters and daughters. Because this fight is no where near over.
You're awesome, @LizArnone. Couldn't agree more. Now, it's my turn for some sass! >:D

Keep Fighting for Women

People, we may have won today, but the fight is far from over. An even bigger discussion of the future of Planned Parenthood is set for September, when Congress has to approve a governmental spending bill.
Federal funding makes up about one-third of Planned Parenthood's resources, so losing it would be incredibly damaging to their mission of providing women across the country with access to basic and life-saving healthcare.
We need to keep fighting so that this DOES NOT happen! Planned Parenthood is there for women and their needs when no one else is.
And for all you conservatives out there, it's not about abortions. Let me repeat that:

It's not about abortions.

Check out this really clear and concise quote from Elle, which sums it all up quite well:
Federal funds, it should be noted, do not go toward abortions, unless in the case of rape, incest, or if the woman's life is in danger. Instead, Planned Parenthood receives roughly $500 million a year to provide health services and screenings, along with contraception and family planning. If the bill passes, Democrats say, women across America will lose access to basic and life-saving healthcare. Republicans counter that their bill would move the funding to other women's health services, but many feel that Planned Parenthood has set up shop in areas that are critically underserved when it comes to accessible health care, and would leave a large hole in coverage for thousands of women.
Some highlights:

Federal funds do not go toward abortions.

PP provides screenings to protect against disease, health services, and contraception.

They're trying to keep unwanted pregnancies from happening, so abortions don't have to.

PP serves critically underserved areas, where without them, women would no longer have access to contraception and reproductive healthcare – AKA, DEFUNDING THEM WILL CERTAINLY LEAD TO MORE ABORTIONS.

And guess what? Now, dozens of conservative members of the House of Representatives have vowed to vote against any bill that includes Planned Parenthood money. Anything funding PP, no matter what else the bill covers, they will block. This is what I have to say to them:

Thanks for being so great, you guys. Blocking actual change because you want the votes of the pro-life right? Classy.

So keep fighting, dudes and dudettes. It is vital that we continue to support healthcare for women and reproductive rights, and make our voices heard –

because the war wages on.

This is such a great card. You're right to point out that this isn't about abortion- it's about limiting access to healthcare for the people that really need it. If the pro-life right really cared about life they'd be investing in PP, because they actually take care of people who are struggling to survive. They provide the care people need to keep living healthy lives!
UGHHHHHHH my blood is actually boiling because of the plan to block every funding that would go to health care !!! i love this card so much and i think we make a great team of girl power awesome princess warriors !!!! well have to keep a close eye on this, and maybe find some protests to tell people about!
Wow thanks so much lady!!! :D @JordanNash
I couldn't love this card more @allischaaff. Wish there was a "love" button!
Yay @LizArnone great ideas all!!! And @shannonl5 SO TRUE. I want to make a poster of your words!!!