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And you thought falling asleep in class was risky.
@MooshieBay why didn't we go to Scholl together you bring cereal and I bring pancake sausage eggs butter biscuits if you don't know what grits is and grits lol
you right everybody will try to me our friend Lol we would had made a club called "eat some good breakfast" lol
@DeniseiaGardner Omg sounds amazing. We would have been popular
Had ice packs
omg reminds me of high school. I brought a box of cereal into class one time. I sat down, pulled a bowl, spoon, cereal, and a half gallon of milk out of my backpack. My teacher (who was crazy. he stabbed my sandwich for no reason with a ruler) asked if I had enough for the whole class. I pull out tons of bowls and spoons. (I went to a small high school, so you can get away with more stuff.) The teacher laughed and everyone lined up for some. Ah good times
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