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This one goes out to EPL fans and Football Manager fans alike: a reddit user has simulated a MILLENNIUM of EPL seasons and posted the results.

According to the user, Lorf_Yimzo, it took him 58 days to simulate the seasons between 2015 and 3015. And he recorded all the results, and they will surprise you.
You can check out the full rundown of what he did and how he scored it on his original post, found here.

Here are some highlights:

- Somehow, Burnley and Sheffield United end up as the most successful clubs of the millennium. Sheffield wins the most titles with 167, Burnley second with 138. Next best is a long cry away - it's Barnsley at 93 titles in 1000 years.
- Burnley are also the most successful English team internationally, winning the Champions League 42 times!
- In the 2800s, the EPL title was won by either Sheffield Utd or Rotherman each year for 30 years consecutively.
- The teams that run the EPL teams see a dramatic fall from grace in the next millennium. Of the consensus top 5 (Chelsea, City, United, Arsenal and Liverpool), only Arsenal and City finish in the top 10 in titles won.
- Chelsea only win 1 title in the next 1000 years. Good with me!
- Real Madrid win the most Champions League titles with 108.

There are some really cool bits when it comes to the long-standing records...

- Cristiano Ronaldo's record of 17 goals in one Champions League season will not be broken by 3015, and nor will Messi's 5 goals in a match.
- There are going to be some massive stadiums in the future - Celtic set the CL record in the 2987 season with an average attendance of 576,199.
- Man United's 9-0 win over Ipswich in 1995 will stand as the biggest EPL victory ever.

The World Cup was simulated, too:

- England are by far the most successful team, winning the cup 41 times in 1000 years. It's not totally fair, though, as the post explains.
- Some really surprising up-and-comers include Venezuela (second-most titles with 27) and Ecuador.
- The Netherlands finally win their first cup, but have to wait until 2586.

And, no, since you were wondering... Brad Friedel is not still playing come 3015!