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Friends are pretty much how we survive in this world. Yes we have our family and cheese but it really is thanks to the people who can make us laugh until we pee or cry until we feel better that keep us sane. And really, without group chats, constant drunk nights and all the left over fries on your friends plate while their in the bathroom, are you really enjoying life?
I'll answer that for you, NOPE!
As we get older friendships become more complex and adding college to the mix can throw everything for a loop. Because there are very big differences between Home friends and College friends, and knowing the difference will help you keep both in your life.

Home Friends

They are the people that have known you forever. They loved you through your awkward angst, your "ugly stage", your first crushes, your first beer (and blackout), your first kiss.
They know everything about you and your family. Walking into their house, kicking off your shoes and raiding the fridge is acceptable and normal behavior. Your family has seen them drunk and your mom will think its ok to discipline them.
They are the siblings you get to choose.
But that also means fights are worse. Your parents ask how they are, you usually go to the same places, and have all the same friends. When you aren't talking everything reminds you of them. Making up takes longer because feelings are hurt deeper and avoiding each other at home is a lot easier.

College Friends

College friends are the best because when you guys meet, there are no rules or adults stopping you from being you. You spend your first few days getting to know each other in between shots and pregame songs blaring in some random kids dorm room. It takes only a week to know who your best friend is going to be. Living with someone forces you to develop relationships faster.
But because you are living together you become incredibly close. They know each detail about your morning routine, what foods you like, what types of drinks get you what time of drunk, and your sex life is their weekly newsletter. College is a place of non-judgement and fun.
But that also means some friendships will not stand the distance of being apart once you graduate.
Home friends will aways be there. They require little effort but deserve much appreciation. When you go away to college, texting them every second is not necessary but letting them in on huge details and making them feel loved is all Home Friends need.
College friends require a lot more effort. There isn't a lot of past history, but the memories made will surmount to an experience you will never want to lose, let alone forget. College friends need more communication and effort to hang out, but trust me, you won't mind putting in a little effort for the craziest friendships of a lifetime.
Friendships are crazy and fun and completely different at different periods of your life enjoy them as the come and hopefully they never go!
this was perfect! and the entire time I was reading it I had both my home friends and college friends right in the back of my head. I love that you added in "cheese" to the mix of things haha and that step brothers gif is classic.
cheese is always a good idea! and yes, same here. we all need at least one or two "super friends" def a friend that will be there for the long haul :)
@jordanhamilton hhaha glad you could relate to it all!! especially the cheese yummmmm. college and home friends are the best and i have a few that ended up being both which is like a super friend!