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It's no secret that we have all become obsessed with Kardashian and Jenner sisters.

The Kardashian sisters paved the way for the Jenner twins and I must admit that they did a great job. As much negativity the media puts them through, they surely make up for it with their beauty. Whether it be their flawless makeup or most fashionable pieces -- it's almost like they can do absolutely no wrong. It's pretty obvious that Kim has shed some light on her younger sister Kylie from the full lips to the contoured face, Kim makes a pretty great teacher. No shade to Kylie at all -- who wouldn't want to mimic Kim K? She can clearly do no wrong.
Kylie took to Instagram per usual and posted a photo of herself and Kim side by side (see here) -- are we sure that Kendall is Kylie's twin? The resemblance between Kylie and Kim is way too good to be true and Kim deserves all the credit. Thanks to her, Kylie never misses a beat -- face that is. These images are living proof that Kylie enrolled in a Beauty 101 class taught by none other than her twin sister Kendall -- oops, I meant to say Kim.

It's pretty obvious who the real twins in the family are. Don't you agree?

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