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Don’t let the glasses, books and highwater jeans fool you, Steve Urkel is not a nerd. Matter of fact, I will one up that statement: Steve Urkel defined cool in the 90’s.
Below I have listed couple examples of Urkel distributing swag to the masses throughout the show.
School dances were a nightmare for many growing up. You are adjusting to your body while trying to keep up with the latest dance moves. Everyone avoids being the first on the dance floor out of fear of letting loose a dated dance move.
On Family Matters, Steve solved that problem with ease: Create YOUR OWN dance move.

By creating his own dance move, Urkel taught people to be confident in your own skin. Truly cool.

Locker rooms in high school can be an awkward place. Kids are often the victims or torment over the way their body is shaped.
Steve tried to teach his classmates about athlete's foot. Rather than soaking in the knowledge, his buddies thought it was cooler to snap towels at the Urk-man.

Urkel could’ve ran out the locker room out of fear, but he decided to stand up for himself. He caught the bullies by surprise and left the scene victorious.

Lesson learned here is simple: Being a nerd doesn't mean you're peoples whipping pole. Really cool message delivered by Urkel.
With four players fouled out or injured, it looked as if the basketball team was going to forfeit the game.
Urkel demanded the coach place him in the game. While many expected Steve to fall flat on his face, Urkel rose to the challenge, leading his team to victory. He also gained a ton of cool points with Laura, who was a cheerleader at the game.
A little self confidence can take you a long way.
Steve heard through the grapevine that his neighbors were being picked on local gang members. Instead of ignoring the problem, the King of Chiraq channeled his inner Bruce Lee to help the kids defeat the gang members.
Urkel loves the kids.
With gun violence emerging as an issue within his school system, Urkel stepped up to the plate with a gun drive.
Steve used a clever freestyle to break the ice and create unity between the gangs and community members. Who would’ve known that Urkel was an emcee?