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My bros over in the Spongebob community can attest to the amazingly brilliant humor of our little pal under the sea. It doesn't matter how old you are, Spongebob will always be funny.
This one's for you:
1. When Patrick convinces Spongebob he's really ugly, when he just has barnacle breath.
2. "That's his eager face" from Band Geeks

3. The epic fall of "Handsome Squidward"

4. The Krusty Krab Pizza

5. "Flatter the customer." From the Chocolate episode.

6. When we actually saw Spongebob filter feed like a real sponge.

7. "All hail the Magic Conch!"

8. "Firmly grasp it!!!"

9. "Would you like some cookies...Miss.Tuffsey?"

I literally named my cat after this.

10. And of course...."MY LEG!"

Did you know this guy's name is Fred?

What are your favorite Spongebob moments???

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@SerenaMcG omg did you look it up? It kills me! hahaha
@TessStevens I'm looking at it now xD omg
@SerenaMcG you will never be the same hahahaha I absolutely love it
@TessStevens is that ever a bad thing? I'm already laughing
Impossible to choose! his hilarious ahah