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Well...not exactly.
Last night in an amazing sketch on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon played a convincing Donald Trump on the phone with a Barack Obama impersonator. They chat about everything from some friendly presidential advice to Trump's terrible reputation in the media. Obama warns Trump that if he keeps up with his antics, the media is going to have a field day.

"They're going to be making jokes, there's going to be memes, everything you say is going to be auto-tuned."

I wouldn't mind if more of these existed.

Anyways, I'm less than impressed with the Barack Obama impersonator, but Jimmy Fallon's fake tan really does Trump justice. Although I think Jimmy's hair looks a little better than whatever is happening on Trump's real head....
Please, I beg you, fast forward to 4:30 when Obama and Trump auto-tune themselves and sing Cheerleader. It's definitely the best thing on YouTube right now.
"You double-dipped on the Christie chip." made me lol more than it probably should've.
I know right @JordanNash he's seriously just fodder for jokes at this points. it's kind of a nice addition to the intense political campaign though.
Hahahah that is hilarious! Can't wait until the debate to have more stuff to laugh at from Trump haha