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Grace Adler on Will & Grace may have been an interior designer, but she knew a thing or two about fashion as well. From her big curls to her flat chest, she was the butt of everyone's jokes, including when it came to her clothes. But despite some fashion misses, for the most part Grace had it going on. We can all take a page out of her fashionable book now and then.

1. Chic turtlenecks are timeless classics.

Our favorite redhead knew how to look sexy while keeping covered up, and fitted turtlenecks were the way to go. Grace stuck to simple but flattering styles to go from the office to dinner to drinks, and a streamlined dark turtleneck to offset her red curls was a perfect choice.

2. Shearling coats should never go out of style.

Grace had a bit of a 70's-inspired style at times, but she only wore elements of the period that are timelessly appreciated. Her floor-length shearling coat was no exception, adding some style to a simple pair of jeans and long-sleeve sweater.

3. A simple button-down blouse is a professional necessity.

Whether or not she really knew what she was doing at work, Grace had us all convinced that she was a true professional, and seemed to have the coolest job at that. Her wardrobe was full of button-down blouses, from crisp white to colorful options, and her layered pearls take a stuffy office staple to a chic and interesting place.

4. 70's Shirtdresses are both understated and cool.

Grace had the kind of style that translated from the office to the streets of new york, a kind of casual polish that worked no matter where she went. She proved that shirtdresses are always a good idea, and long-sleeved 70's styles with modest cuts and slim fits are ideal for fall dressing.

5. Sequins are best on more modest styles.

Many of us shy away for sequins out of fear that they'll look tacky or trashy, or like they belong at a New Year's Eve party and nowhere else. Grace, however, wears sequins on a more understated long-sleeve top, which works so much better than on a little skintight dress.