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Carrie asks and answers plenty of questions on Sex and the City, but what if we got a different perspective on some of her insightful questions?? A genius at BuzzFeed decided to do just that, and started Tinder conversations with a couple dudes, asking only Carrie Bradshaw questions.
Some conversations go well, but some men are understandably a bit confused by Carrie's intense relationship questions. This is Tinder after all, not necessarily the place for deep conversation.

Very insightful, this guy speaks Carrie's language.

This poor guy takes Carrie's weird questions a little too literally. It's okay, I don't understand chemistry either.

I like this guy. Like me, he is confused by Carrie's strange questions AND he calls her out on it.

He's a keeper! Any guy who can identify a Sex and the City line is a good one.

That last guy wins. Although I have a weird crush on the first guy's ability to mimic someone else's writing voice.
I know @shannonl5 I'm so glad someone thought of this, it's so funny!
This is actually hilarious! That last one is a keeper for sure :D