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okay i need something really important to tell you if you read my rap monster post you notice i was in....well i stayed the night at my grandmas house and she has no internet and welll i have my phone but i honestly like using my laptop more and eveything is in there
so part 5.............wont be coming out either later today (like at night) or tomorrow......im sorrry i really am ill make it up to you guys some how i promise
there is like a couple of more parts on the way this game is almost done..........remember if you want me to add or change something let me know
i promise ill make it up to you (i honestly dont know how but ill try to figure somthing out because i promise).......
anyways im so sorry again......please dont be mad i really hope you guys understand...
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Lmao no need to be sorry, you're doing us the favor by making these! Enjoy spending time with family!!
It's OK girl, I can wait lol
It's all good!! We can all wait!! πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
It's enough that you posted a car's to keep us updated about it!!! It's been an amazing time with BTS I don't mind enjoying my date a bit longer πŸ˜„
Do u gurl, no need to be sorry about it, I'm having a wonderful time at the beach with Jungkook...all thAnks to u!!!