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So, Funny Or Die made an interesting music video...(we can call this a music video, right?)
Here's some a very brief background on El Chapo: He is a Mexican drug lord who has escaped from a high-security prison, twice. The second time, he escaped through an impressive tunnel that was made just for him. It had ventilation, lighting, stretched for a mile long, and he was able to walk comfortably out. Of course he had plenty of help from the outside to build this tunnel.
Where is El Chapo now? Who the hell knows.
All we know is that he's pretty great at escaping prison. If you're interested in reading more on El Chapo, you can check out this card.
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This is so clever! And kind of terrifying.
he's probably some where chill'n with Waldo. should we start the hashtag #whereisElWaldo perhaps?
@Shannonl5 I share the same sentiment lol.
@jordanhamilton he's definitely chillin' with Waldo! haahaaaa
of course he is! lol they're bros man.