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Please take a bow, Rihanna.

Rihanna, 27, made sure her presence was known at the Kadooment Day parade in Barbados. It's no surprise that Rihanna went all out for the occasion sporting a diamond sparkly bra with matching bottoms and giant feathered wings. Rihanna was smoking and drinking throughout the parade while also provocatively dancing. For most of the parade, she remained content on the VIP balcony at the heart of the event.
Rihanna celebrated with her family and friends of Barbados. She is known for having strong pride in her country despite the fact that she has been ultimately Americanized. The singer also had neon pink lips and a green manicure to complete her decorative look. Fans also got to see another peek at Rihanna's chest tattoo which hasn't been pictured since Rihanna posed topless for French magazine "Lui". Her rumored lover British racing star, Lewis Hamilton, also joined the festivities to see her.
Kadooment Day is a celebration to commemorate the end of harvest followed by a masquerade parade, dancing, music, food and alcohol, and a massive celebration in the streets.

And here's a video of Rihanna twerking...

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She is amazing! Her instagram is everything to me